Producing small numbers of highly personalised orders is easy. But scale that up and you’ve got a potential nightmare on your hands. Unless you make things easy on yourself with the help of workflow automation.

Process Automation

Imagine a world where you can streamline processes, group repeated activities, initiate actions and ultimately, create efficiencies and cost savings. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And everyone’s thinking the same thing. According to Deloitte, last year 30% of executives said their No.1 technology priority was process automation.

More efficiency, less waste

And we’re already seeing the benefits in digital printing, with tools like OneFlow. This clever piece of tech makes all our lives easier by gathering information from web2print, ad hoc jobs and customer service representatives, and automatically batches similar products, so they’re produced in the most efficient way possible – cutting waste and reducing costs… which can be passed onto customers to help your budgets go further.

OneFlow also offers better reporting. With usage reports, real-time feedback and management information, it’s easy to implement auditable verification procedures – especially handy for customers working in sectors with strict regulations.

More than print

But workflow automation isn’t just for print. At the last count there were 161 applications for marketing automation, covering all kinds of things. In 2014, Marketo and Software Advice surveyed hundreds of companies to understand who’s buying what, and why – and the results were pretty interesting. 21% revealed they weren’t using any marketing software, instead still favouring manual methods like spreadsheets. Small businesses (under 500 employees) were most interested in automation software, and 30% said automating processes was their top reason why.

Reporting and Analytics

Perhaps unsurprisingly though, reporting and analytics are what most people wanted – so marketers can easily see what’s working, where their returns are coming from, and how customer engagement and conversion is going. Essentially, the things that take up marketers’ time when they’d rather be thinking of the bigger picture. Sound familiar?

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