The Original Junk Mail

Print has got a bad reputation as being the original junk mail and costing companies millions with very little return. But before we can look at the value in print once more, we’ve got to ask how and why did this happen?

In the early days, printing was just black and white and it was slow. As technology progressed, so did speed and automation and, with the introduction of colour, print became the way to get your marketing message to the doorstep of your customers. Soon, everyone was doing it and the pile on the doormat got bigger and bigger, becoming less and less relevant and eventually binned before it was read. Before long, messages weren’t getting through unless you spent more and more on the design, material and delivery method.

Digital Junk Mail

Enter digital delivery into the world of marketing. All of a sudden, messages could be posted online and you could send a simple black and white e-mail with your message on for a fraction of the price. And here we go again – email is the new direct mail! And now, print can elicit a different type of response. Once deemed annoying and costly, a well-timed and well-targeted piece of beautiful printed direct mail can now actually help customers to feel more valued by a business or brand than they do after just receiving an email – to the tune of 40%!

Modern marketing is powered by technology and data, and this is the key to timing and targeting. Make your data work for you, and you can build a real emotional connection with your customers over the course of your relationship and across your communications.

Combined Delivery

Using printed direct mail and email marketing together can amplify your messages and increase purchase intent – encouraging more of your customers to buy, book or visit. But don’t forget that, whichever medium you choose, it’s still all about the message. Make sure the offer, event or product is relevant to your audience, and be sure to reward your customers for their loyalty to create that deeper connection.

Remember that age plays a big part in how you market to your audience, but so does variety. Print and direct mail is more powerful today than ever and, when combined with email, social, SMS and your website content, you can reach every age group, interest group and demographic with a carefully planned strategy.

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