What turns a customer into a regular?

How and why do customers become regulars? You may already know what it is that keeps your customers coming back, but is this based on looking at your customer data or is it just a hunch? And, whatever the reasons are, you can’t assume this will always be the case. Over time people’s tastes and situations change, so you need to make sure you’re ready to adapt. The best way to stay one step ahead of the game is by communicating with your customers and understanding them.

Introducing a Loyalty Programme

One way to communicate with your customers effectively is through a platform like a loyalty programme. It allows you to regularly contact your customers and can give you insight into how they spend and when, what’s important to them and which offers are popular, as well as giving a reason to capture their contact details and the ever-important opt-in permissions. All this insight is valuable data that you can use to build up a picture of who your customers are. This in turn will allow you to segment your customer data, work out your customer value and focus your marketing campaigns.

 Creating customer loyalty and brand advocates

A loyalty card is a way to reward your customers all year round, giving customer’s points for pounds and then rewarding the more points are collected. The more they visit, the more you reward them, building a deeper relationship and making your customers more receptive to two-way communication. Customers can tell you what they think easily, and because you’re creating a feedback loop, you can adapt and change your offering to optimise the good bits and improve the not so good bits. And you can tailor your offers, marketing and customer service to suit your different types of customers.

A loyalty card can also be an advert for your business, carried around in purses and wallets, always at hand as a recommendation to family and friends and ever the reminder to come back. And once your customers start recommending your business to others they’ve become your brand advocates, and the power of customer referrals is undeniable. New customers who come to you because of a word-of-mouth recommendation are already more engaged than customers who don’t, and are more likely to travel along the loyalty ladder.

The Loyalty Ladder:

  • Not yet purchased / prospect
  • Trialist / customer
  • Repeat Purchaser / client
  • Brand insistent / advocate

In today’s world people are always looking for a recommendation – where to go on holiday, places to eat, good hairstylists – and buying habits are changing to reflect the influence that customer recommendations and true brand advocates have. So, delivering a customer experience and a loyalty programme that keeps your customers coming back could be a great way to grow your customer base and create your own brand advocates.

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