The rise of email Marketing

It has been an incredible rise for the humble e-mail, one of the first ways we communicated directly via a digital channel. We have gone from simple messages to friends and colleagues to e-mail notifications for everything we do in our jobs and at home online. Messages have gone from simple sentences to Pictures, GIF’s and now Video. The emergence of Social Media has not tempered this rise if anything it has encouraged it. Combining digital messages online, on social and in e-mails at the same time has proven to be a powerful way to get your message across and marketers around the world are continually stretching the boundaries.

One issue for e-mail marketing is that it has become so popular that is has replaced what we as consumers consider to be Junk Mail. This used to be a popular term for all the physical post we received from companies on our doorsteps. Nowadays e-mail is quicker, cheaper, and interactive, persuading you to click through to the latest and greatest deals available. Mass e-mail campaigns work because the very small percentage of successful sales or leads that are generated far outweighs the cost, so the traffic will continue to increase while we allow it to.

Being Different

When there are so many messages out there how do you get yours across, why would your target audience read your e-mail before 50 others? First of all, there is brand recognition, if your audience recognises your brand they will trust what they are opening to read. Combining e-mail marketing with a Loyalty Programme quickly gains that brand recognition and trust. Once you have their trust you have to get their attention so be unique, tell them something they don’t know, offer them something they want, combine your messages with rewards.

Engagement with your audience is key to success and just sending an e-mail will not likely provide you with everyone’s attention. E-mail needs support so make sure the messages, offers, rewards and information is also available online on your website and your social channels, send an SMS and consider Direct Mail, because if you send a letter or a postcard to a household or business it won’t get lost in the big pile of Junk mail anymore, because there is none!

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